Car accidents is an experience that is included in the list of nope, not in a million years. However, no matter how much we try sometimes we get into a fender bender. These experiences not only cause trauma but also will cost you. These is costly because there will be repairs; maybe your rear light or maybe an auto glass repair is needed. Not to mention, heavens forbid any damages in your body. So, here are some things you should do after there is a car accident.  


  1. Call Emergency Services  

No matter how big or small the accident is, it is important that you call the emergency service. But before you call for emergency services make sure that you’re already safe when you do this. It is counter productive if you call emergency services and you’re going to get in a bigger problem yourself. YOU know what they say, you cannot help other if you are not able yourself.  

  1. Car Insurance Information  

If it is possible, you and the other driver who is in the accident should exchange car insurance information and it is important to have a This is because they will have to call each other and decide on who will be the one paying for the damages. This may seem a little out of the ordinary especially if the two of you is in a pretty bad shape but if you could do that do this little bit.  

  1. Police Report  

It is important for you to get a police report because this could save you against accuses of the other party. We never know who we will be dealing with, so it is important that we have taken this precautionary step. However, if nobody is seriously hurt and you know your law well then there is no need to get a police report. 

  1. Careful of Talk  

If there is an accident it is best to not make a comment in the situation even if you know that it is your fault. Anything you say can be held against you so to be safe don’t make your opinion known. When the police asks you anything just answer them honestly and objectively. This way it will be easier to make a decision on the investigation.  

  1. Photos  

If you are in a minor accident and is not seriously hurt it could help you to take photos of the general situation. The cars, license plates, signage and if there are people who saw it, it is best if you ask them for their numbers as eye witness. This will be easier to make if you have to recall whatever happens at least you have evidences to back you up.  

If you did not do any of this after an accident it’s totally okay. The number one thing that you should think of is if you are okay or your passengers are okay. This is because doing all those extra things and you end up in a bad shape anyway would barely matter anyway.