Water could be found everywhere now. The worst part now is that water is being polluted as well because of the people that keep on throwing their rubbish to the sea and river. We need a clean kind of water in order for us to survive in this world. You should also know that our body’s composition is composed of almost 60 percent of water. Even the blood that is in our body is also composed of about 90 percentage of liquid water.  


Water is needed of our body in order to perform a series of actions in our body. It helps to repair damaged cells in our body and even to our skin. Even when you take some medicine like moringa pills and other things. It would help to digest it easily in our naughtee body and breaks down into pieces for faster nourishment and absorptions . This is the reason why we hear commonly the saying from our parents that we need to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day to keep ourselves hydrated. Here are some of the beneficial effect on our body system if we drink enough water.  

  1. Drinking water would give your body the energy to exercise more and keep your muscles as its best. This is the reason why if you notice that most men and women who go to the gym would bring water to keep them energize and not to be dehydrated because you are going to sweet a lot and it needs to be replaced by drinking more water again. 
  2.  Based on the study done by experts, it shows that people who drink water more could have a good state of metabolism function in their body. It helps to remove the extra calories that you have gained in your body by eating too many fats or junk foods.  
  3. Drinking water would give a good effect to your skin. A lot of dermatologists would recommend their clients to drink plenty of water to keep their skin hydrated also. In this way, it would help to get away from having dry skin that can cause allergy and cracking of your skin because being dehydrated or too much heat coming from the sun.  
  4. Drinking water could help to get rid of your serious headache. Doctors believe that the reason and main cause of having this unpleasant headache are due to lack of water in the body. This is the main reason why you need to keep a glass of water every time to your side.  
  5. It is not only good for your head and skin but also to improve your immune system. That is the good reason why whenever you have colds or flu. Your mother would suggest you drink plenty of glasses of water.  
  6. Drinking plenty of water would help to digest foods easily.  
  7. If you are always hydrated with water. It will make you happier as you are in a good physical and mental condition.