Your first boba cafe stroll may be overwhelming. You can be easily overwhelmed by the various options that flood your eyes. There is milk-based, while some venture to the fruity range. Bubble tea has endless options for you, and even the consistency confuses you. If you are up to the confusion on your first purchase of bubble tea, you should have general knowledge on which sinkers or pearls best fit your palate.

Here are the most common sinkers you may find in any cafe that accompanies your sweet bubble drink. With this knowledge, you will indeed have a better bubble tea experience from now on.

1. Black Boba

Boba, in the general sense, is typically just tapioca pearls. Sometimes it is called bubbles or pearls. However, sometimes it is more known as black boba. Black boba is made by mixing tapioca pearls with caramelized brown sugar. If you like a chewy and sweet snack along with a sweet drink, then you can enjoy black boba in your tea drink. You can taste it is chewy or bouncy and has a licorice finish to its taste.

  1. Clear Boba

Black boba is sweet due to the caramelized brown sugar it was introduced to. On the other hand, clear boba is simply cassava root in itself. Since it has no sugar introduced to it, unlike black boba, it is often tagged tasteless that’s why it is introduced to milk-based drinks to add flavor. Tapioca pearls are absorbent with the milk, giving it flavor. Thus, if you fancy chai bubble tea, the pearls should be expected to taste just like chai.

3. Flavored Tapioca Boba

Have you tried a boba with a distinct flavor? Then you have probably tasted a flavored tapioca boba. This type of boba is mainly cooked, just like a black boba. However, caramelized brown sugar is not introduced. Instead, syrups are cooked or soaked with it. Syrups vary in many flavors; that’s why you get a variety of flavors to this type of boba as well. You can have every possible flavor from strawberry, coconut to mango and aloe. If a cafe is focused on jelly pearls, then this type of tapioca pearls s preferred. This type of boba is also a great combination of smoothies, brewed teas, and ice cream.

4. Popping Boba

Popping bob is fun to consume. It gives off a burst of flavor as you bite each pearl and gives off a unique experience to every bubble tea drinker. This boba type is also known as juice balls. The process can be a bit tricky for amateurs. However, to experts in the process, making this boba type is a breeze. Note that popping boba is different from your typical tapioca pearls as it is not made with cassava starch.

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