Your dog needs your carefulness and attention whether he is on the street or in the park. They also need the right socialization with other animals.  

Dogs require leaving the house to exercise, socialize with other animals, get fresh air, and spend energy, aside from doing its business. When walking their dog, people make mistakes a lot of times. The main reason for this is misinformation.  

Today, we are going to talk about how to properly do a 60 minute walk or hike Milwaukie 

Don’t Let Your Dog off the Leash 

When walking the dog, removing its leash and let your dog run free as soon as you get to an open area is one of the errors you might make if you’ve got a park nearby.  

This can be an excellent idea.  It is even perfect whenever your dog has been at home for a long time and doesn’t exercise. However, it can also become an issue for the animals around your dog.  

This habit can be harmful to your own pet, risky for small kids, and stressful for other pets. Do not let your dog off the leash if it isn’t calm. You should wait for your dog to calm down a bit before getting rid of his leash. 

Don’t Pull the Leash 

While your dog might pull hard on its leash, you won’t be able to do much if you apply the opposite force to bring your dog back to you. Dogs can be extremely persistent. In addition to that, several big breeds are extremely strong. They’ve got the power to knock you down.  

In addition to that, you need to understand that pulling the leash isn’t great for the health of your dog. The reason for this is that, for instance, it causes intraocular pressure, throat issues, and stress.  

If you want to prevent this scenario, you can utilize an extendable leash, switch to a unique harness, or train your dog to always walk by your side. 

Pick Up Your Dog’s Droppings 

Perhaps it makes you sick, you do not have the time, or you have forgotten the plastic bag. Collecting the droppings of your dog isn’t the most loveable job in the globe. However, we’ve got to do it to keep the park and the streets clean. Furthermore, it prevents people from stepping in it accidentally and ruining their clean shoes, keeps foul odors from polluting the air, and prevents illnesses from spreading.  

Let Your Dog Sniff Anything 

The sense of smell of a dog is extremely vital. The reason for this is that it helps your dog prevent a threat or a danger, recognize a person, find food, and orient himself. People pull away from the leash automatically whenever our dog sniffs waste from other animals, trash, or anything on the street.  

But, you need to let your dog sniff anything and make contact with the smell of other dogs in your neighborhood. Aside from helping your dog understand the surroundings, it can also help your dog to relax.